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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Market Street Grill

Every year at Christmas time there is an evening when all the adults go to dinner.  It's a great time for everyone to get to eat a warm meal and enjoy some great company.  It's the "Smith", "party of ten", kind of fun.  We all love it and it's the one time of year that I am guaranteed to have a great meal and eat it while it is hot too!  And another perk is that it's all on mom and dad.  That's right, we don't have to shell out a penny.  Thanks mom and dad.  
 Shauna and Mas; AKA mom and dad
 Bjorn and Brooke
 Chris and Kristin
 Melissa and Dru

Leslie and Ryan


Kristin said...

Next year I'm going to branch out and order something else. The halibut is getting boring-- but the company never does.

Melissa said...

I get stressed out with how expensive it is and never want to branch out.
But I need to.
I love these nights.

Melissa said...

Hey can I get those pic's?

Leslie said...

Got the pics! Thanks. They are a little blurry aren't they? And I wish the color in there wasn't so orange, and I was so fat, blah, blah, blah...

What a complainer!