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Friday, July 2, 2010

It's neck and neck

I always think of race horses as I put the girls on the stairs to climb up before naps and bedtime. It's always a race to get to the top, and one that Lydia usually wins. You see, Audrey could go fast, and does when she is trying to get away from me. The problem is that when they are both going to the top she gets distracted by other things and is always the slower of the pair to reach the top. Not that it's always a race, but Myles gets great pleasure in yelling "go, go, go." It's fun to watch their progression side by side.

In other news the kids all had a first this week. I took them to the park myself the other day. (usually we go with a big group of moms, but this day I was on my own) There were not a lot of kids at the park, so we got to all use the swings at the same time. They only have two "baby" swings and two "big kid" swings. Myles usually used the "baby" swing, but he agreed to try the "big kid" swing so that the girls could swing too. It was their first time swinging, and Myles' first time on the "big kid" swing.

All the kids love the new fountain at the new Library. It's especially nice on a hot day. Myles thinks it's great to stick his arms into the cold water. He would climb all the way in if I let him.


Melissa said...

This is a great post.
It's awesome to see them, you know.
I love them on the swings.
Gosh they're so cute.
Can't wait to see them soon.

Kristin said...

They are all so cute. We're all excited to see you guys, if you postpone one more time though, I'm going to go crazy w/ kids asking me every day when you're all coming!

Darci said...

Everybody loves a day at the races!! Seeing your girls "race" is so cute. Myles looks like he's enjoying it as well. Again, I have to say that you are a supermom. Can't believe you take them to so many places alone! You are brave!