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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The kids are just at the ages when casualties happen often. Yesterday Lydia was found in the middle of the floor crying. No one around her and blood pouring from her lips. She aparently bit her lips as she crashed to the floor. She is starting to stand and she isn't so stable, thus, the casualty. She is completely unfazed by it today.

Later that day we were walking home from the park when Myles, who is quite clumsy, ran right into the corner of a building. The hit was so hard it knocked him back and he instantly had a large goose egg and bruise over his left eye.

It's a good thing kids are so pliable. Otherwise they wouldn't make it out of childhood. Let's just hope that the rest of our injuries are this small and don't require the E.R.


Melissa said...

Wow that's crazy.
Speaking of the ER, Dru's there at the moment.
We had the day from hell today.
I'm glad you didn't have to go.
Can't wait to see you.

Kristin said...

No pictures of the bumps and bruises?

And did you mean 'casualties' because if there was a 'fatality' you should really be a tad bit more upset. lol.

We're all 'dying' to see you guys!

angie said...

Kids resiliency amazes me. I'm shocked actually that we haven't had any broken bones yet. You need to come over and swim when it gets warm again!