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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sleep anyone?

Last night (7/18) Audrey went to bed with a fever. Not all that unusual since she is cutting teeth. Around 11:30pm she was crying, by 1:30am she was in bed with me. (Mind you that Thursday night was spent driving to Utah all night. So no sleep that night either. I felt like warmed over death by the end of this night) If you know my kids, then you know that they don't wake up during the night. I've trained the to be good little sleepers and sleep is the one thing that I'm very careful to protect. I'm out of town visiting my family in Utah and Bjorn is home working really hard on a trial, hence the reason there was room in my bed for her. And as an aside, I don't ever let the kids "sleep" with us. It's not any fun for anyone and I value my sleep way too much. Anyway, back to the story. Audrey ran an extremely high fever all night so I called my SIL who is a nurse and she said to take her in. I was going to wait till morning, but around 4:30am she started to convulse. It scared me so bad that I scooped her up, ran to get into the car and was at the hospital 30 min. later. They just needed to observe her and run a few tests and wait for her fever to drop a little before letting us go home. It was just a virus and therefore nothing could be done for her. Poor little thing, she was such a good little sick baby. She just lay there and would moan, but not cry and she had the most sad eyes you have ever seen. She fevered for the next 24 hours, but thanks to Tylenol and Motrin every three hours around the clock she recovered fine. By the following day she was getting back to her normal self. What a trooper.


Melissa said...

She's a trooper for sure and WAAAAAY cute.

angie said...

Oh no.

SO scary. Is she all better now?

Poor little thing.