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Friday, October 9, 2009

Two year old stats

(Myles and Lydia, yes mom, he did get a haircut for his second birthday.)

Myles is now two, and he had his two year old check up with Dr. Ng. He is now 37# and is 40 inches tall. That's on target for 6'-7'' in case you are wondering. I'm wondering if he is ever going to slow down. He's already wearing Seth and Tates size 3 clothes and a size 9 shoe. He's wearing a helmet that was for a child ages 5+. Where did this giant come from? We don't have this kind of height on either side of the family. I guess only time will tell how tall he will really be, but I think we better start working on our ball skills!


Melissa said...

Wow that's amazing.
Lucky you have Seth and Tate's clothes.
Oh I liked his hair long he looks really cute with it all long and scruffy.
I hope the new haircut is a good one.

Darci said...

He's huge!!! I love the picture of him on his bike with the diaper. Does he love his bike like Max does? Max would sleep with it if we let him. I hope Myles had a great birhday and Happy Birthday to you!!!

Angela said...

Is is so hug and such a love.