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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Fun

(Angela is the tall one on the left. Sorry this is the only picture of Angela I could find. Among other things she is great at she is always taking the pictures. I have very few of her. You know always behind the lens kinda thing.)

So my friend Angela picked me up this morning for a fun date. We both ditched our kids and went to the opening of the Nordstroms Rack in Pasadena. It's been a long time since I've been there since we didn't have a close one to us. Anyway, it was very busy. As we walked in the door they almost made us wait till some people left. They said we were the 800th people inside. Then when we were checking out the sales guy said they had 350 staff too. I believe it. Man was it busy, but man was it great! Three hours seemed like three min. to me. Does this mean that I need to get out more?! We found some great stuff and I will be going back when the store isn't as crowded. It's a fun place to go and dig, especially when you don't have your kids. Today the store was brand spanking new and everything was in it's place. It was great! Then to top it all off I was treated to a lunch at my favorite bread shop, Panera. What a great birthday treat. What a great friend I have. Who else would want to go shopping at a really crowded place on the opening day. Angela would!


Leslie said...

Sounds fun, you deserve that. Maybe an early birthday celebration? Who watched the kids?

Melissa said...

That's awesome Brooke.
Did you find anything awesome to wear?

Angela said...

It was so fun. Anything is fun with you. Loved our day out, we should do it more often :)