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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I *HEART* Fall. I love the cool weather, I love Halloween, and I love the beautiful colors it brings. I also love that October bring my birthday month. I look forward to my birthday all year. I guess I'm still like a kid in that regard. I celebrated my 34th this year. Yep, I'm in my MID THIRTY'S now. Not that I really care. I'm still young compared to Bjorn who will turn 40 this January. I guess he can always say he is in his EARLY FORTY'S! Anyway, it was a great birthday.

I had a great time on Friday night at the baseball game. I love getting to watch the Red Sox play. I have a fabulous husband who planned a great weekend for me. He even did his own shopping for a gift, flowers and a cake. I was going to say that he baked a cake for me, but non of you would have believed me. You all know he doesn't cook anything but oatmeal. Then on Saturday morning we drove to the Farmers Market at the Grove and had Crepes. It's something we used to do often when we lived on the West side. Now that we are farther away we don't do it that much, but I do love it. I love the cool weather over there and I love the outdoors. I love the crepes too. Then to top it all off we had take-out for dinner.

We put all the kids into bed and had cake and ice cream by ourselves. It was a glorious day. A whole day where I didn't have to cook anything. What more could I ask for. It was a great birthday thanks to my sweet husband. I'm not sure how I landed him, but I'm thanking my lucky stars!


Melissa said...

Yeah can you get Bjorn to teach Dru lessons on romance?
It'd be much appreciated.

Leslie said...

It all looks lovely and fun, sounds like a great day. Ditto what Melissa said, although Ryan does pretty well most of the time too. I'm so glad it was a great day!

Kristin said...

Um, Chris too. I'd wager he's the worst out of all the men. For my bday, he said, let's go buy a memory foam topper for your bed. MY bed? Oh well.
Glad you had a great bday. Love you.
btw, LOVE those pictures, you and Lydia look so cute in your red sox stuff, and I love the look Audrey is giving Bjorn. That's Audrey, right?

Angela said...

I am so happy you had such a great b-day. You deserve it. Your hubby rocks I am so impressed with all he did. WOw he is the MAN! And even a cake. Amazing!
love ya lady. Happy birthday.