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Friday, October 2, 2009


This is Myles favorite doggie. He got the original from Auntie Bug, when he was just a wee pup himself. As time has gone on he has grown to love this little doggie. You ask "what is the doggies name?"...well....Doggie of coarse! He can't go to sleep without him, he carries him all over the house and to most places we visit. Since he loves him so much I bought Myles a few extras since they would get really slobbery from all the loving Myles inflicted on him. If I didn't wash him about every two days you can't stand to sit next to him it would stink so bad. Even out of the wash he still has a small odor of spoiled milk and laundry detergent. Above you can see what a "new" doggie should look like. The picture below is the Picasso doggie. I often look at the poor thing and think of all the weird paintings that Picaso did. After Myles gets done with him, this little guy could resemble some of them. Notice how doggie is missing his hard plastic nose. Instead, he has stuffing coming through the hole where the nose once was. His face has sort of been "rearranged" by all the chewing and loving on it. Unfortunately you can't smell this little doggie nor does my photography portrait him in his true Picasso state. This little doggie is one of those things that I both hate and *heart*!


Melissa said...

LOL So true man.
I've got a Picasso kiwi, Picasso hippo and a Picasso cow.
They're wonderful.
Hey if your kids stuffed animal doesn't resemble a Picasso it hasn't been loved enough.

Angela said...

Love that he loves those dogs literally=to death. Thank goodness for more for backups!