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Saturday, June 20, 2009

One great dad

It's only fitting that this father's day Bjorn is getting a release from his Bishopric calling. He is being released so that he can spend more time with his family, his number one responsibility. He's sad to be leaving the Bishop and Craig(the other counselor), but I don't think he is going to miss early morning meetings, or early morning youth temple trips. Not that he doesn't like these things, just that he doesn't do EARLY anything.

We couldn't be any luckier! We have the best daddy on the block. He is our number one playmate, best friend, and role model. Myles beams when daddy comes through the door, Yoda goes ballistic, and mommy is always relieved to see him at the end of the work day!

We knew that multiples were a possibility when doing IVF but never really thought too much about it. Now that we have multiples our lives have forever changed. It's not easy, but he has never complained, or shirked any responsibilities. He's always there to feed, hold, burp, change, or play with a child. He is truly our #1 dad.

Happy Father's Day Bjorn!


Melissa said...

Glad you got a keeper.

angie said...

Happy Father's Day.

I'm sure it's such a relief to you, Brooke, to have more time with him.

Leslie said...

It was fun to watch you guys and see how well you manage with so many little ones. You are doing a wonderful job, and though it is fun now, it will be so much more fun in a few years. Happy Fathers Day Bjorn!

Birgitte said...

That was the sweetest Father's Day tribute better. Blowing Hallmark WAY out of the water. Way to go bro!