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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Audrey and Lydia

Lydia in stripes and Audrey in pink

I was just trying to give Myles some equal time, but it turns out that no one is interested in him any longer, they just want to see the girls. Well here you go. It's hard to get pictures of them with their eyes open. They still sleep alot and I don't think about getting the camera when they are awake as I am really busy at that point!


Melissa said...

Thanks Brooke.
They're looking awesome.
I think they're really cute for new borns.
I think they look alike at the moment as well.
Only time will tell I guess.

angie said...

I'm guilty of this as well.......everyone loves a new baby, and when there's two, one can resist TWO babies. We care about MIles though. We do. And talk about a handsome guy.

I think the girls are looking so much more alike these days. Which reminds me. I need to get my booty over there and see all of you. When is a good time?

Leslie said...

They are so lovely. Myles is quite a guy too. Love you all.