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Friday, June 19, 2009

Myles goes to Disneyland

(as usual, Bjorn has his eyes closed!)

Ryan and Leslie and their boys were in town for the week so we wanted to spend some time with them. Disneyland is a place that is "magical" for little kids. It's right in our backyard however, we have never been. Bjorn has lived here in So. Cal. for about 10 years and has yet to go to Disneyland. I thought it was high time that we all made the trek since there would be extra hands on deck to help out with the kids. Myles was really great! He had a short nap in the stroller and made it all the way to the end of the night for the fireworks show. He enjoyed many rides, and just generally being entertained by his 4 cuzzies. It was a great day, all in all, and everyone had fun. I'm glad that Myles got there this year. I don't know that we will be going anyplace like that next year!

Myles on the King Aurthur Carousel and Dumbo rides and a shot of the petting zoo. He even used his "soft touches" that we have been working on at home. Good thing too because there was a really grumpy goat who actually charged him and head butted Myles right in the belly. I guess he wasn't up for being bothered by any little kids!


Melissa said...

I quote Shauna "What, no pictures of the girls?"

Melissa said...

Sorry Brooke I have to agree with your mother.
Even though I'm glad Myles had a good time with his dad AND you got to see the Ryan Nakaya family.

angie said...

Did you take the girls to Disneyland?