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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yard Sale anyone!

I'm having a yard sale this Sat if anyone wants to come and help us soon to be poor students!!!
I think we've got some decent things to sell.
Mostly I just can't be bothered dragging a bunch of stuff up to Idaho if we have to go, so I did some sorting.
So, come one come all, invite all your mates!


Brooke said...

What are you going to sell? I will buy something I'm sure. We are driving in for Christmas so send me a list of the things you are getting rid of and I'll see what I want. You can take it to Mom and Dad's to off load it will we get there at Christmas.

Kristin said...

bummer. We will be a week too late. Hope you make bank.

Ben & Eirene said...

Went to NY for fun. (had a little.)
Stayed four days. (slept very little
Due Aug 14. (having a boy.)
Man, it's good to hear from you! You guys are moving to Idaho? Good luck with all that. Moving is such a pain in the etc. I have to say, Masaru looks pretty foxy in the apron/undies gettup. I pretty much couldn't take my eyes off him! Glad to know you guys have a blog. Take care.

Robyn said...

We'll be sure to stop by to see what great stuff you have. The girls love yard sale hopping on an early Saturday morning.

Sarah said...

I was just telling Matt that one of these Saturdays I'd like to get out and check some yard sales. His Dad got us into it a few years ago. I've picked up a few random things...You never know where you'll find treasures. Maybe your place, huh!

Clark Captions said...

Yo go girl! Good luck with getting everything ready for Idaho! I hope you make some big bucks with the yard sale!