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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flying Colours

So Dru and I had the night to ourselves last night. Anniversary, birthday, you may ask?!?
Nope citizenship interview the next morning at the crack of dawn.
Man those guys don't muck around do they!
So last night I jammed studied the 100 questions while cleaning out the loft of our garage!
Nice night out for the Nakaya's.
Got up at 6:30am, bit of a sleep in from the 5:30am gym classes, and then headed out.
The interview was at 7:30am and we made it.
He asked me 10 questions and I got them all right. Then did some writing and I gave him some hideous passport shots of myself and said "Well I'm recommending you for citizenship"
And that was that.
So now we wait to hear when I go into the court house and sware myself in.
He told me maybe September or October. Gotta love the government.
So looks like if I'm up in Moscow it's a day trip to pledge my life to this country!!!
I can see it now!!!!!!1


Katie Mitchell said...

Congrats!! Must be nice to have at least the stressful interview portion out of the way! Good one!!

Carrie said...

Congrats! I'm excited to have you as a citizen of this great country!

Kristin said...

you may want to 'swear' yourself in instead. But congrats. So are you going to call yourself an american or a kiwi now? Like I don't know.

angie said...

Congratulations. I'm glad you didn't fail. he he.

Brooke said...

Can't you do that in Idaho? Seems dumb to have to come all the way back to Utah when we all live in the United States. You becoming a citizen of the US not Utah... Congrats!

Clark Captions said...

Way to go Melissa! I bet that is nice to have that bit of stress over with! Congrats! Now, just make certain that you vote for the right new president. Hee hee!

Colleen said...

Melissa I am so excited for you!! Are you sure you want to be a part of this crazy country?? Seriously though, that is really cool.