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Friday, April 25, 2008

We heard from BYU!!

Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.................................WE'RE ON THE WAIT LIST!!!
Can you believe it!! Man I am just so proud of Dru.
I'm so excited and I know I shouldn't be. Cause what if they don't call us. But still.............HE MADE IT ON THE WAIT LIST.
I just think that in itself is a wonderful acomplishment. Especially since the U didn't take a second glance at him and BYU is the better school.
It's just amazing and I'm thrilled.
I know we'll go where heavenly father intends for us to go. So if it's BYU I know it'll happen. But if not, the school we go to will be right.
Dru's been through a lot to make it this far and I know it's the right thing for our little family to be doing.
So I'm guessing the next law post will be a definate of where we'll be moving! Or that we're staying.
So if you'd like......say a few quiet prayers for us that we go where we're meant to.
And if anyone gets a huge revelation that it's BYU, CALL ME!!!


Leslie said...

That's awesome! You're right that you'll end up where the Lord wants you to be, but that would be great if it was closer rather than farther away. We'll keep you in our prayers...Good Luck!

Laura said...

AAAAHHHHH!!! How wonderful!!!!! I am so excited. I hope for our sake that you guys get to stay in UT. I will be praying for you guys!!!!! This is great news, regardless of the out come, that is great! Yeah for Dru!

Carrie said...

Congrats! That's fantastic news. I hope that you get to stay. But, I will pray that you end up where the Lord wants you. Hey, How's Eclipse? Are you hopelessly addicted? :)

Kristin said...

That's awesome! So happy for you. Will you move to Provo, or will Dru just commute? Can't wait to find out where you'll end up. In our prayers. Love you guys.

Sarah said...

Yeah. That is great news...and like you said a big accomplishment to even be on the waiting list. Best wishes.

Talbot Family said...

Go BLUE! We will pray for you and cheer for the blue. Good luck, and way to go Dru.

Clark Captions said...

No way!!! That is sooooo exciting! Congratulations you guys!!! Very nice! We will for sure keep you in our prayers and cross our fingers that BYU will be the place he'll go. Wow! This is so great! We can't wait until the next post! Whoo hoo!

Robyn said...

We will step up our prayers that Dru will get off the waiting list and on to the WELCOME list. We want you guys to stay! Congratulations Dru!

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Yeah, that's awesome!!! I will be praying for you and I hope you get to go to BYU! I know that's not what I'm supposed to do, but I'd love to have you stay in Utah. Good luck!