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Saturday, January 5, 2008


I would love to visit many places in the word, but here are a few I haven't been to and would love to see.
#1-Egypt, always sad about missing out on that trip while we were in Russia.
#2-Jerusalem/Petra, I would love to see all the sights of the scriptures.
#3-More of Europe, I feel like we just only touched the surface there(England, France, Italy,Estonia,Russia,Turkey,Germany, Belgium, Netherlands).
#4-Peru, before they close Machu Picchu for good.
#5-Africa, I've always wanted to see the big 5 animals.

Five things that I would never have thought I would be doing when I was 25.
#1- never thought I would fly for United, and loose many friends in 9-11
#2- never thought that I would have to wait so long to find a husband.
#3-never thought I would reside in LA, or anywhere in California for that matter.
#4-never thought that the Church would play such a big part of my life, and the life of my little family(primary presidency, 2nd counselor of the bishopric).
#5-never thought that getting pregnant and pregnancy would be so difficult.

The only people that I can tag are Leslie, and Kristin...


angie said...

Kristin has been tagged twice now, so the pressure is on! I've always loved how much travelling you were able (and willing) to do. I definitely have a travelling bug and hope that one day I'll be able to see so many of the things I really want to. I would love to go to Jerusalem, too. Can't believe I forgot that one! I also neglected to include Nauvoo. Love to go there as well. I really liked your things you never thought would happen to you either. I'm so glad that despite the pregnancy hurdles you have a baby....your ward is lucky to have you and Bjorn, and flying for United allowed you to see so many great places, right? I just wish 9/11 didn't have such a personal effect on you.

Leslie said...

Although they take more time to consider, I always like reading these posts. Your life events, though unexpected, have made you into a wonderfully rounded person. Your interests are diverse and you are a strong and capable women. It's always nice to appreciate challenges IN RETROSPECT. I'm happy that your life has taken the turn of events that it has, and that you are finally getting to the place you wanted to be for so long. You are a great wife and mother!

Melissa said...

Fun Brooke. I think it was nice to think about what I didn't expect to happen when I was 25. I'm glad I got to think about it. I asked Dru the same question last night in bed. Fun!