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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Myles 1st Christmas

Well it's all over and done with now. Christmas was a hit and it was especially fun with Myles this year. He was the star role of Baby Jesus in the family Christmas Nativity. Although as you can see from this photo Kate was bucking for her Oscar too. She must have practived because she stood that way for the entire reading of the Nativity Story. Tess was a great Mary, she held onto Myles quite well. The other boys were not all the thrilled to be in the Nativity, but they stood there all the same. Graham( Joseph) didn't want to stand by Mary and Jesus but did with some persistence. The following morning was mayhem. We did manage to sleep in longer than usual. The opening of gifts and seeing what Santa brought was fun for all. I don't think he knew what was going on with all the noise, but he just sat in daddy's lap and was calm. Auntie Kristin got a few good smiles out of him toward the end of the morning.

The morning ended by Christmas Brunch with Ryan and Leslie and the boys all coming for good food. Everyone ate till they were stuffed and then it was time to get it all cleaned up and ready to start making Christmas Day dinner.

We had a great time in Utah. Got to see the snow and walk around in it. It was cold outside, but toasty inside with all the fires dad and Luke like to build. What a great Christmas. Thanks Mom and Dad!


angie said...

Love that you've kept the Nativity tradition alive. How lucky for Miles to play the starring role his first year, too! :)

Clark Captions said...

What a great day Brooke! Little Myles is darling! Enjoy them when they are little, they grow up way to fast!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a good day. I'm glad it was a success. It's hard not to have a great day on Christmas though, good food and great company!

Brooke said...

who is Clark Captions?