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Thursday, January 10, 2008

3 and a half months old

Well this week has been slower since having the Kayberry's gone. Back to work and life as usual.
We went to help drop the Kayberry's off on Saturday and decided to leave early so we could go to the Aquarium called 'Kelly Taltons' in Auckland. We thought the kids would love it. But we didn't make it. The car Dru and I were driving decided to pack it in and die on us. The alternator went out. So lucky for us Dru was driving and got up parked up at a petrol station in Auckland. There happend to be a mini van taxi that was filling up at the station so Lenoard went up to him and asked if he could take the rest of their luggage and other passenger to the airport. He said great and they were off. We said bye and were happy they just made it to the airport. Mum and Pete are members of AA which is like triple A in USA and they came out and told us what we knew. It was the alternator. They said they could tow the car down to Tok with all of us for $560. So mum decided to send my brother up in the camry and we swaped battries all the way back to Tok. We had the walkie talkies and had a great time. We swapped it three times on the way down and had lots of fun talking amongst each other with the walkie talkies. So what ended up being a bad situation turned out pretty fun. While we were waiting for my brother we had fish and chips and got to meet this girl my brother, Haydn, met at the YSA conference. She's really nice, go Haydn. Anyway that was a bit of fun. It's all fixed now and running. Thanks to Pete and mum. This week Dru helped Llewellyn finish the outside BBQ area. It looks great. I'll take a picture of it. We've had Sarah's kids for two days, so that's been exciting. We just got back from the pools. They had a practice fire drill and we had to rush outside in our togs and wait for them to do an inspection. All the kids were worried. I kept telling them it's not real, and their clothes would be fine, the pools weren't going to burn down!!
Nothing too much else has been happening. So I thought I'd just take some close ups of Yuki so you can get a good look of her. She's doing great. She's eating around 5 times a day and sleeping 12/13 hours at night. She's giggling a lot and loves company. She's quite white. I can't remember Masaru being that white, not that he wasn't, I just can't remember. Her hair is still dark, so we'll see if it sticks. Her eyes are still very blue, so we'll see if that sticks as well. She's half rolling from her back to front. She almost makes it rolling left but not yet. It looks like it'll be soon. She's starting to reach out for things to play with and hold things.
Sorry no pic's of Masaru. He doesn't change as fast as Yuki though so one week without pic's of him should be alright. We're considering giving him a haircut. I've been contemplating styles. So maybe that will be one of next weeks pictures.
Love you guys
Dru Nakaya clan


Brooke said...

Yuki Mei is starting to look more like Ru these days. She is so dang cute!

Good thing for those radios, it sounds like they have come in handy several times since you arrived there.

Keep the pictures coming. We love seeing those kidos

Kristin said...

She really does look just like Masaru. I thought Haydyn was waiting for a missionary!

Sara Adams said...

She is so stinkin cute! I love the cheeks.

Mandi Lloyd said...

Hey Nakayas. It looks like you are having a blast in New Zealand. We miss you. Yuki is beautiful.

Emily said...

Holy Masaru in carnate, Yuki is a beautiful girl version of Masaru~ You can tell she's a lovely girl, but wow, it was amazing to see the resemblance. Can you see one being the Mom? Well, I looked back and read all your Christmas festivities and it all sounded so fun. By the way, Kelly's aquarium thing...not to rub it in, but I went there, and it is really awesome. But the car break down sounded like an adventure of its own... :) So, are you and Dru both working, and is Masaru doing a preschool gymnastics thing? Sounds like your bro is keeping Dru busy with painting, its always good to keep busy, and lucky for Luwellyn for some help! Dru's definately that, sorry if I messed up the spelling. Good to hear from ya! You may have sent the link, but I must not have realized what it was, so thanks for thinking of me anyway for whatever happened and keep living it up, I can see that you Nakayas sure know how to do that and enjoy family!!

Leslie said...

Yuki is very cute and indeed looks so similar to Masaru at that age. We miss seeing all the changes that she is going through. She may be about to crawl and sit up when you all come back! It sounds like you are having some good experiences with your family. That will be so good for you and the kids. Let us know if you hear good news from schools soon!