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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Well this week has been so hot. It got up to 34 degrees celsius. No idea what that is in farienheight. I've got no idea how to spell that by the way. Maybe it's arouond 100. I dunno. Anyway Dru's neck is pretty dark and he's pretty red on his face. He's been doing outside work all week. So he's been really feeling it, poor guy. But I've been loving it. I think it's great all this hot weather. My Auntie came up from Christchurch to visit with us for the week. She's good fun and we've had a good week with her. She's off today to visit with her brother. He lives in Hamilton, so that should be fun for her. She'll be back up to visit around Easter, she thinks. So that'll be great. Masaru got along with her well. We went on a wonderful bush walk the other morning, Yuki in the frontpack, and Masaru in the front. Maree and I almost got lost cause we were talking to much and got our mind off track!!! But Mum soon pulled us back into line and we were fine. The walk is right by a beautiful river which is clear and crisp. It's wonderful. Kinda like the Milford Track rivers.
Llewellyn and his family are off for a 10 day trip down to Nelson, in the South Island. So Dru and I are going to live in their place and have some time out! It'll be nice to be just our family for 10 days. I'm sure mum will enjoy the break as well.
We're going to the beach tomorrow and then the McClaren Falls. It's so beautiful there. I'll try to get some pictures for everyone. These pictures are of all of us. Ryotaro is holding Yuki at the top. He is my brother, Llewellyn's, oldest boy. He starts High School this year in February. So that's exciting for him. He's super brainy but still needs work on social skills. Good, good boy. The photo of Masaru in the cape is the same cape that I used to wear at his age. Mum made it just for me. It was my Super Woman cape. Llewellyn had a Superman cape and Sarah had a Smurf cape and Gareth got Batman. So I got a little emotional about that and thought I'd take a pic of him racing around in it. Funny those little things.
Today is a good day for Masaru's potty training. 100% success rate so far. Fingers crossed.
Anyway another fun week. We love and miss you guys.
Dru Nakaya Clan


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Fun pictures, the twins especially liked Masaru in his cape! I can't believe it's so hot! We've had 20 degrees or less this whole week...Ryan and I are going to St. George today for a couple days so I am looking forward to a little warmth there! Glad you're having fun.

Kristin said...

LOVE the cape! Just don't tell him it's super 'woman'. He might get a complex. I am envious of your heat. We are freezing our asses off here. 10-15* with wind! Oh well. Glad you had fun with your auntie.

Clark Captions said...

I love hearing about your updates Melissa! Good luck with the potty training and all!