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Monday, September 10, 2007

8 Random things about Milz!!

#1 Every other year I usually loose my voice for about a week.

#2 I like to eat vegemite with lettuce as well as cheese or cottage cheese on warm toast, oh it's so yummy!

#3 My middle name Jeane is after a French man in the second world war who saved my Grandad Wright's life in a fighter plane. My father's middle name is Jeane as well.

#4 My little toenail only started getting a little second growth of a nail on it, like Dru's, after I married him!!!! It's like I've got two nails on my little toe growing out. How random is that!!

#5 I got the nicname Milz in highschool around 14 years old and it's stuck with me for the rest of my life. I don't know why Milz!!!

#6 I didn't think Dru was good looking when we first met and even 2 weeks out of marrying him would ask myself if I was really attracted to him!!! Lol Of course things are different now.

#7 I can talk to my sister on the phone for 2 hours probably every day!!

#8 I've only got a few things I'd like done to the house and then I'd like all our money to go on traveling around the world as a family or maybe living and working in different countries. That'd be so exciting and fun for all of us.


angie said...

That toe thing *IS* random!

Fun to read your facts.......I'm just about done pumping money into my house too. The next time the money tree sheds I'd like to travel as well! :)

Kristin said...

You have 2 nails on your toe? Ewww! JK. Weird though that Dru does too, and you didn't get yours till you married him. I wonder if you'll start looking like each other soon, and if so, it's a good thing that you think he's good looking now!!!

Kristin said...

PS Vegemite is not a real food.

Brooke said...

Yea- Vegemite is a by product of something like yeast isn't it?! I can't believe anyone could eat that stuff. I wanted to gag. I too have the funny two nailed toe. It's a Williams thing, I think Ryan has it too. Since I don't have a house I don't have projects to do on the house but I would like to go on a trip soon. I feel like it's been FOREVER... Great post!

Melissa said...

Vegemite was founded by mistake when they were making beer. It was the yeast extract from some kind of left overs or something, I got told from the making of beer. So there's some random information for you all.

Brooke said...

Figures that it was a mistake...what does that tell you?!