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Friday, September 14, 2007

*8 Things You Might Not Know About Me*

Okay, so I hardly have time to blow my own nose these days, but I feel like I hardly here goes!

#8 As a teenager I attended the Richard Marx performance at the U stadium for the fourth of July celebration, and had to be pulled from among the crazy fans by a bouncer so that I wasn’t crushed in the mayhem. I was really embarrassed wearing my stonewashed denim mini-skirt…I wonder how many people saw my underwear? (I know, RICHARD MARX!?!)

#7 I used to tell my friends that I only wanted to have boys when I grew up and married, nope, no daughters…I’m so glad for my boys, but the irony! Be careful what you wish for!

#6 When I walk (especially coming up stairs) my ankles often crack. My mom always said I could never sneak up on her because she would hear me coming. I’ve been told that it is probably just a freaky tendon that moves and makes the cracking sound when it snaps back into place.

#5 Growing up I wanted to be (besides a mom) a TV news anchor, an air traffic controller, a Speech Pathologist, and a Nurse/Dr. Apparently my stripper name is “Ginger Silverstream”…think it’s too late to make a go of it?

#4 My first marriage happened in the 4th grade to Darin Stettler. He gave me a pearl ring that he took from his mom’s jewelry box. I was sick about the whole thing and we “divorced” the next day.

#3 Deciding to marry Ryan was one of my hardest (but greatest) decisions to date. I was working on going on a mission until he intervened. We’re still planning on going on a mission together someday.

#2 When I have a sweet tooth I crave a couple of things: A Caramello candy bar or a cookie from Cutler’s (sugar or mint brownie). If it’s bad enough though anything sweet will do.

#1 I am on my way to officially dealing drugs. Nursing clinical this past week focused on starting I.V.’s and I’m a little freaked out about sticking somebody in the arm. It looks like I'd also better make Davis’ Drug guide my new best friend.


Melissa said...

Lol that's awesome. That was a lot of fun. Richard Marx!!! I was pulled out of a concert too.

angie said...

I'm still dying about Richard Marx AND an acid washed skirt.

These were really fun to read. I didn't know you were in nursing school. No wonder you hardly have time to blow your own nose! Are you also still the YW president?

Brooke said...

I love it! Boys, boys and more boys. How freaky is it that your life has taken on exactly that. Good luck this semester. I don't envy you having to start IV's. I wouldn't want to do it either. Do you have to practice on each other?

Kristin said...

LOL Ginger, I think you're half way there if you've already mooned a crowd of people. Was your hair kinked by any chance? Were the panties leopard print? LOL LOL LOL

I used to be able to do IV's. In dogs, rats, and bunnies. the rats take it in their tails and the bunnies in the ears. Now those are little veins. You'll do fine, it just takes practice.