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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Name for this girl!!

Alright we're down to a week and Dru and I aren't too close to picking a name. But we've got it down to five. So if you'd like to comment on your favourite one, and put your vote in, that'd be fine. So Brooke, Angie, Kristin and maybe Leslie, here we go Lol.
There you have it. Actually I also like the name Jayda so I'm going to throw that in as well. Lol. I told Dru we might go home and she'll still be 'baby girl' and he's determined for that not the happen as apparently it's a hassle to get the name on the birth certificate after the fact. So I guess we've got one day, once she's born. I can't believe this has been so hard for us considering how easy the name Masaru was for us. I hope we don't have this much trouble with our next kid!!!


Kristin said...

I vote for Mei. What does it mean?

Kristin said...

Masaru and Mei. Cute. Yah definitely Mei.

angie said...

Believe it or not, I chose Mei before I saw Kristin's vote. Hum......must be good. j/k What is the meaning?

Brooke said...

I choose Mei or Brooklyn. I know that doesn't narrow it down too much but those are my votes. Hope you settle on a name before the birth!

Kristin said...

Chris votes for Mei. Me too, again.

Leslie said...

I have liked Mei for a middle name if I ever had a girl. My grandma's name is "May" and with the Japanese influence I thought it might be a nice compromise. Anyway here is the skinny on meaning (it has both Chinese and Japanese origin): As a Chinese name, Mei may be written with the character for "plum" and has also been associated with beauty. As a Japanese name, Mei may be written with the character for "oath, alliance". So loyalty?

Melissa said...

Thanks for finding that out Leslie.

Brooke said...

Yea, the more I hear the name I like Mei. I think the two names together sound great and I like the meaning too. Hope you are feeling great. Only a few more days! Lucky You!