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Monday, June 4, 2007

Drum roll please!

If you can't tell from the "turtle sign" by the + sign on the picture it's a BOY! The picture is looking from the bottom of the baby. The dark round circle you see is the bladder. Between the leg bones you find the pee pee. We are really happy to be adding to the boy's in the Nakaya family. Each of us have now had baby boys for our first children. I'm thrilled to be having a boy, I don't think Bjorn really cared either way. Just for the record we will not be naming the baby Riggins Diesel(a Washington Redskins football player) contrary to what Bjorn thinks. I MIGHT consider that name for a dog, but not for my child. I'm just glad that I don't have to start a major overhaul on the baby's room since it's already done in blue airplanes. I just hope that the trend of one boy and four girls doesn't continue like his father, and his father's father. The Dodd family name lives on!

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angie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Great picture, too.