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Thursday, November 8, 2007

We'll miss you guys

Well we're off in 2 days! Last minute things are getting done and we're slowly saying our goodbyes to people.
I thought we had gotten out of speaking in church, but a memeber of the bishopric approached me last Sunday and asked me to speak. My first reaction was "What about Dru?" But Dru got out of it. So it's only me. So on top of everything else I'm also working on a talk.
I guess I just wanted you guys to know how much we love you and are going to miss you. Even though it seems like all my dreams are coming true, I know I'll miss Utah and everyone.
I also know it's going to fly by and we'll be back causing mischief in no time. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope the blessing goes well Brooke and that Graham has a great baptism. It's things like these that makes me sad Dru and I are from different countries. We'll always be missing out on something in someones family for all of our lives.
I'll post every week and I'm sure Dru will call and talk to his family often.
I thought these pic's of Masaru were great!! So I thought I'd leave them with you to make you smile!!


Kristin said...

You BETTER post EVERY week or ELSE!!!!
Have a fantastic time, enjoy every minute, and don't waste a second regretting it, it's ONLY 6 months!
We love you guys!

Brooke said...

Oh- I hate that you are going to be gone over the holidays. Next time you leave town why don't you do it when there isn't any holidays, ok!? Have a wonderful time. I think that I would love for you to look for a Karrie wood nativity set for me. The one I found was in the bay of Islands and it was just beautiful. Let me know what they have and the money. I will get you the funds. Can I deposit into your account in the states? Good luck.