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Monday, November 12, 2007

And then there were two!

OK, so now that Dru and Melissa have moved across the "pond" there are really only two of us who will be writing on this blog. Dru says he is going to continue to post, and I have my fingers crossed, but who knows if that will really happen. With Leslie so busy with school and the kids that leaves your truly to fill in the gaps. This could be a really interesting 6 months for our blog. Hope you all like seeing pictures of Myles and Yoda. You are going to get really sick of us. I wish I had Angie's talent at blogging, I don't so you will all just have to suffer.

Here are a few pictures of Myles in the last two weeks. He is getting really chunky! He has also started to smile and see better. He and Bjorn exchanged smiles for a few min. this afternoon. I can't believe how fast he is changing. Gone are the days of my "sleepy little bear", now I have a "roaring lion" each afternoon. It's all good though, I love it!Here is Myles after a bath. He likes his bath now that he can get into the tub all the way. None of that sponge bath crap!Lorie came for a visit last week. It was great to see her and she thinks Myles is beautiful.


Kristin said...

Cute! Lori looks good too, bet it was nice to visit. I think Melissa will still continue to blog, she promised anyways!

Melissa said...

Hey man I'm still here!! I can read what your saying about me!!!
I'm going to post for sure. Just give me a day or two to set up our lap top and it'll be all good. I took a couple of pic's on the plane, so I'll post those. By the way I didn't know Angie had a blog. What's her address?

angie said...

First of all, Brooke, I can see why Lori thinks Myles is gorgeous.....HE is. He is just perfect and I love seeing pictures of him. Not to slam Yoda, but he doesn't stand a chance next to Myles. he he.

Secondly, I was just going to say that now more than ever everyone is going to be expecting posts from Dru and Melissa, so I'm so glad to see Melissa's comment that she isn't planning on going anywhere in blogger world.

Thirdly, you flatter me. I'm not sure quantity is the same as quality though! j/k.

Melissa, you can link to my blog by clicking on my name here and it'll direct you to my blog (Seven Clown Circus), or just go directly to it:

If you're bored, check it daily. I post that much. Pathetic, I know.