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Thursday, November 1, 2007

An Eclectic Bunch

Well, as we are now posting the newest cutest photos of our bunch, I will include mine. Only I apologize if the photos are blurry. Our camera "disappeared" on the day I had a huge birthday party for the twins in June. I took a picture of them and our neighbor's son (who shared the party) and then the battery died. I set it up on a ledge near my front door and I haven't seen it since. Come to find out that our neighbor's camera disappeared from our house on the same day. Anyway, of late I have used one of Mas's old cameras, with which I have to take six blurry pictures for every good one. For your viewing pleasure, this year we have Ethan starring as a "Dementor," Graham as a superhero (first a dress rehearsal as Captain Underpants, and then as Superman), Seth as Count Dracula (or Dacoola, as Tate puts it), and Tate as the greatest ninja turtle "Leonardo." I've also included one a Masaru last night when he made an appearance. The boys started out like tornados blazing through the neighborhood, but the twins quickly lost steam. By the the time we were rounding back to our house, Seth and Tate didn't even want to go to the doors anymore. "I'm done," they said. It turned out to be a fun night for all!


Brooke said...

I think that "Captain underpants" is my favorite. I just love how skinny Graham still is. Very cute photos of the kids. Trick or treating is hard when you have short legs.

Kristin said...

Love Dacoola's widow's peak, and really, Cpt. Underpants should have won out! He sure is skinny!