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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween


Myles' first Halloween! He dressed up as a pumpkin. I have to say that he looked really cute too!

His stats are in. At his one month Dr. appointment he had done quite well. He now weighs 9lb. 12 oz. and is 22 1/4 inches long. When he was born for the length he was he should have weighted one more pound than he did. He has now made up for that one pound. He now has little fat rolls at the tops of his legs. Even his elephant skin around the knees are gone. Can't wait to see you all at Christmas time. I know he will look different to you all then.


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness. He's huge!! Man that must mean Yuki must be bigger than what I think.
Cute costume.

Kristin said...

Why was there a picture of him on the front of the pumpkin? Was he supposed to wear a mask? He is looking more filled out. Don't let him eat all the candy in one sitting!