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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Well turns out, after unpacking everything, that we forgot our USB port for the camera so we can put pictures onto the computer!!
There's always something right? So we're going down to the camera shop today to see if they have another one for us. If not then we'll have to tell Shauna and see if she can send it to us.
So I took a couple of pic's on the plane so once we get that sorted I'll post them.
So we get to the Salt Lake airport and go up to the counter for Delta and the guy there takes one look at all our luggage and says "I hope you're ready to pay!".
I was thinking "Great we've got one of those guys."
Dru stated that he thought we'd be ok and started to put the bags on the scale.
Boom first bag dead on 50 pounds. The guy couldn't believe it. Out of the 6 bags, two were dead on 50 and the rest were around 53. He wouldn't let it slide either so Dru had to do some rearranging for the bags to all get on. We ended up leaving the stove top and the shaving cream, toothpaste etc. Nothing that we can't get in NZ. They also let us take Masaru's car seat, which we're so pleased about.
NZ's car seats are crap. They don't have a buckle around the kids chest, so when we were here in Jan we discoverd that Masaru could get out of the seat!! I was driving at the time and looked in my rearview mirror and there was Masaru just hanging out, standing up in the back seat. I almost crashed the car and screamed at him to get into his seat. Lol. I can laugh at it now but I wasn't laughing at the time.
So the SLC to SFO flight was good. We were on the very back seat and had both sides. Masaru flipped from one side to the other and both the kids were pretty good.
Then we got to SFO and just had enough time to walk from that plane to the International Terminal.
The San Fransico airport was dead to the world with hardly anyone around, so it was peaceful and realxing.
So that's great because Masaru decided to throw a huge meltdown fit right there and then. We basically had to drag him through security and onto the plane. The lady in security said to me "So how are you doing today?" I took one look at her and said "Not good."
So she got Masaru some stickers and he stuck them on the bottoms of his shoes and stopped crying for a second. So that was nice.
Anyway the Air NewZealand flight was the best we've been on. The plane was clean and new. The cot we got for Yuki was clean and suade. Our seats were wider and seemed to go back a little more. The attendants were at our beck and call. The flight wasn't full by a long shot so Masaru could lie down and sleep while Dru went to a seat behind me. The food was the best we've had on a plane. The movies were on demand so you could watch what you wanted when you wanted and pause when one of the kids needed something.
It was a nice fight. Yuki couldn't have been better. She ate 3 times and slept basically the rest of the time. She was amazing!!
Masaru slept about 60% of the time and the rest of the time was watching movies, eating or playing around. I'm glad he got his fit out at the airport, because one in the plane would've been disasterous.
We landed and were the first flight in for the day. So there were no lines and plenty of relaxed people.
However we discovered they lost our carseat and one of our bags. It was the bag with Dru's climbing gear and paintball guns in it!! One expensive bag!!
So my poor brother, Haydn, was waiting for us forever. Luckily one of the volunteer guys went out and told him the story and we'd be out once they had sorted out our bag and carseat.
I asked them what we were going to do without a carseat as we had to travel to Tok. with my child. One lady said "Well the Warehouse opens at 9am you could buy one"
Well I almost had a fit and stated "Why should I buy a carseat, when I have one and you guys lost it? You need to provide me with a carseat for my son!"
This guy was nice and probably understood that we had just gotten off a 13 hour flight and were tired and my patience was wearing thin. I just wanted to be gone! So they gave us a loaner carseat and we were off. However we still had to get through security and we had beef jerky to show them.
Turns out even though the beef jerky is ok for americans to eat and produce it's not good enough for NZ since the beef had a 20% chance of coming from Brazil and Uruguay. So they THREW IT OUT!!!
That's the last time we're bringing jerky through for my brother. I'm sick of them throwing our jerky out.
Anyway we FINALLY got through and Masaru decided to throw another huge, meltdown, fit right at the head of security where you put your big bags through.
This was the first time my brother, Haydn, had met Masaru and was laughing at this welcome.
I assured him Masaru wasn't like this all the time and he really was a good kid!!
We were off on the road though and eventually made it, with a couple of stops, to Tokoroa.
We've unpacked most of our stuff and are working on Dru's job situation, which looks promising.
Today's goals are to open a bank account and get some more coat hangers.
Love you guys
Dru, Milz, Masaru and Yuki


Kristin said...

Okay, so that answered all my questions in my last email. Guess I should have checked this first. Hope they find your bag and carseat, but they'll have to pay you for it won't they? Glad you have access to the net so we can keep in touch, and so glad you made it safe. Have a great time!

Leslie said...

The travel sounds fun...F-U-N! I guess it would be too much to expect everything to go without a glitch eh? I'm glad you got there safe and hope everything is going well and you get settled in. Glad to see the post and hear word of your arrival.

angie said...

Hey, only TWO melt down's in one day isn't too bad! :) Sounds like he has impeccable timing! I've had a car seat lost before and I was frustrated beyond belief. Who cares if there's a loner seat? You still have to go get it, who knows who has been in it, and then it has to be returned. Can't wait to see pictures when you get the USB cable. I'm excited to get my fill of NZ tidbits through your posts. I'm glad you found my blog......don't worry. If you don't put anything extra in your comment like (NZ) I'll know who you are! :)

Janie said...

Glad to hear that you made it safe and sound....meltdowns?...welcome to the world of traveling with kids. You are so right to be doing this now...before you have to worry about work, kids missing school, yadda, yadda. Have a wonderful time in NZ! Hugs to you...