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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Circle

Myles and the girls *HEART* playing on the stairs. I hate it and tell them not to play there all the time. I was doing something... I don't know what, but I heard arguing over a blue ball. Myles of course won, but as he grabbed it he began to fall backward and down the stairs. He reached out to grab something, Audrey. They began to fall head over heals down the entire flight of stairs, landing at the bottom with his face against the null post. He came running to find me screaming so loud that he couldn't breath. I finally got him to calm down and tell me what happened and all he could say was, "Momma, we were like a circle falling down the stairs". I hope this will teach them to play somewhere else in the house.
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Leslie said...

A "circle" or a hamster cage? I can just see it now! What a bump! He doesn't look to unhappy to have his photo taken though!

Kristin said...

That's some pretty good spatial thinking he's doing! How did Audrey fair?

Melissa said...

Man I love his description of the accident.
I'm glad it wasn't worse.