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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cheeky Monkey

I can't remember why he didn't have clothes on this afternoon. It's an occurrence that happens oft at our house. They get in the pool without clothes, they get wet at the water table, they get hot... the list goes on. Although I have to say that riding while naked isn't the most responsible thing. It could cause a few "chaffing" problems if you know what I mean. I do however love those cute little cottage cheese buns!

Myles has really come out of his shell the last few months. He has become quite the imaginative boy. He loves to make believe and pretend and make the girls follow along. The other day he set up his "country" in the living room. It was the country of Living land. I thought it was rather cute. He sets up shopping all the time and announces with his microphone that lane #3 is open for shopping. He takes his Fred Flintstone cars to the "gas station" (the garden hose) for fuelling all the time. It's quite a job imagining all day long.

Myles starts pre-school two days a week on Tuesday. I'm jumping for joy and think he is going to love it. I wish I could afford to send him more, but I'll take two days. The hardest part is going to be the girls. They cry when he leaves them. I forget that the three are always together. The girls keep telling me that they are going to school too. It's very cute.

Way to go Myles, you are getting so big, and I'm sure you have big things ahead. I can't wait to see what live has in store for you!
Love you Bubba.
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Leslie said...

Love those buns...that's a photo for your picture quilt or wedding video! Just like you at the stairs butt naked but for your thigh high nylons. He'll probably hate that pic one day. Hope he does love preschool and that his imagination continues to blossom.

Kristin said...

LOL. Funny. He does a great imagination. I hope he loves school!

Melissa said...

I wish I could afford to put Yuki in pre-school at the moment, she'd thrive in it.
Classic photo that will haunt him forever.
Love it.

Angela said...

THat is the cutest picture. A framer! What a cute back porch he has.