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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First day of preschool

Myles and Audrey wait by the "lunch wagon" before entering the classroom.
The VERY proud and happy preschooler. He was thrilled to go to school, and even more thrilled to find out he has a "cubby" to put his "stuff" in.

It's official my kids are growing up way too fast. Myles started his first year of preschool on the 6th of September. He is the oldest in his class and by far the tallest. The smallest girl in his class of 5 only comes to his shoulder. It's quite funny. He absolutely loves it despite his "I don't want to go to school" comment each morning before school. When I asked him how his 1st day of school was he simply said: "It was pretty cool Mom."
He is enrolled at a Presbyterian church run school that would have been super close to our old house on Ivy Ave. It's just one block west, though we are not far even in our new home. Just a short 2 min. drive. He is going twice a week this year. I wish I could afford to send him more. He seems to really love it. He has already come home singing a song about apples! It's really cute. I will try and get a video of it so you can see.

Now if I could get Lydia to stop crying each day we drop him off. She would just really like to stay too. Next year! I think he should get one whole year to himself. The girls could technically go in a month or so, assuming I could get Audrey potty trained. But for now I think that we will keep them home for the year.

Way to go my big bubba! So proud of you!
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Kristin said...

He does look happy! Fun for him. Only 5 kids in the class? That's an awesome ratio.

Melissa said...

That is CRAZY you could have all your kids in pre-school in a month.
Then you'd have NO KIDS AT HOME!!
Wow, that went by super fast.