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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One foot, two feet...

Can you see the bruising on the top of the big toe? It extends all the way up the top of the foot almost to the ankle.
Battle wounds
This is how mom saw me most of her time here. I was totally taken care of. She brought me everything I needed. It almost felt decadent.

Posted by PicasaLets just say last week was a hard one. I woke on Monday to an abscess that needed attention. After calling the dentist I dropped off my kids to my friends home and went to the dentist who deduced that it was a "difficult" root canal that would need to be done. She sent me to the Endodentist who luckily could get me right in. He started the two prong procedure and by noon I was home with the kids after undergoing phase one. The following day I was scheduled for foot surgery that has been coming for a while now. The surgery was referred to by the doctor as a "bump and run". It only takes a few hours for the Doctor to go in and shave off the excess bone, but it takes quite a bit longer to heal. I assure you there is no running going on here. In fact I now have an old lady walker to help me get around and to act as a barricade so the kids don't come to close to the very painful feet. I now have two incisions on each foot(inside and outside). The doctor said it would be no big deal to do both feet at once, the nurse and everyone else kept saying "are you sure you want to do both feet at once?" I now know why they were asking me! I have to say it is more painful than I thought. The first night I got to sleep at 6:30 am. It has a horrible night of pain and restless legs. When you can't get up and walk, and your legs are crawling, it's a horrible feeling. The following day I was able to get some stronger pain killers which worked well, but make me nauseous. So it's back to the IBU 800.
I went back to the doctors yesterday for the follow up to surgery. The sutures look great but will stay in for another week. For now it's "take it easy", feet up, ice, and don't get them wet. It's not that easy taking a bath with both your feet hanging out the side. You try it sometime. I can't wait to get into the shower and get both feet wet! The up side to the story is this, 1st it will be nice to wear any shoes I want and not have to worry about if they will hit in the wrong spot, 2nd, it's always nice to see mom! Myles told me, to tell her, that "she could come back tomorrow."
A huge shout out to Mom who came and saved the day taking care of us. I felt so bad just sitting on the couch or in bed while she did all the work, but at the end of the day the kids *HEART* having her here. We had great food, fun playing and reading, and lots of kisses. It's always fun when Grandma's in town. Thanks Mom!


Melissa said...

What? No explanation?
Do details?

Kristin said...

Yeah, how'd the stitch removal go? Can you walk normally? Didi it work?

Melissa said...

So sore teeth and sore feet?
YOu're crazy
I guess you might as well get it all over and one with right?
So how long will the recovery be?
And what about your tooth?
Is that ok?
I've got bunions on both feet, but they don't hurt, you're right though it sucks for shoes, I'll never be able to fit or wear any 'cute' shoes, which is fine cause let's get serious, I'll never wear them anyway.

Kristin said...

Yuck. Root canal and double foot surgery. Not fun. I'm surprised you could sleep at all. Just the root canal would have me digging into my Lortab stash (from Zeke).

I hope the recovery is quick quick quick! Love you, wish I were closer and could help!

Leslie said...

I feel so bad to have had your mom come back so soon! I hope you are feeling better every day!! That is a great picture of your mom and the kids.