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Monday, April 25, 2011

Adults only!

We've just returned from an adults only vacation. It was a wonderful 10 days spent in Eastern Europe just in time for the Easter Markets. Bjorn and I were lucky enough to have my parents offer to come out and stay with our children so we could get some much needed R&R. I searched the internet and found a trip to Prague and Budapest that just fit the bill. We booked the trip and were out the door in about 4 weeks time. I have to say I was a little unprepared for the trip.

I usually do more planning and investigating for a trip, but this came up so fast I just didn't have time. The only planning I was able to do was to get the travel books and start reading about Prague, our first destination. I never did get to the Budapest book. I turned that one over to Bjorn who did a great job of finding all our sights to see and things we "must do".

We spent 4 days in Prague where we visited the Palace and Cathedral, Terrazin concentration camp, Old town, The Jewish Quarter, Multiple Easter Markets complete with entertainment and traditional food. This beautiful city was picturesque in every way. Right down to the cobble stone streets and sidewalks. Which we began to hate by the last day. On our last night, our anniversary, we went to eat in a cellar Czech restaurant and see a ballet, Carmen. I turned out to be rather a "budget" show, but the singing at least was worth it and the dinner was great! The dancing left a little to be desired.
That night we loaded up and took the night train to Budapest, Hungary. It was a great way to get there and not burn a day. We departed at midnight and arrived at 8:30am. We purchased tickets for a private cabin complete with a TINNY toilet and shower. It was great to arrive at your destination having had a nights sleep and a warm shower and breakfast in your belly.
We then spent the next 3 days in Budapest. A rather beautiful and slightly communistic city still. I mean to say that there are many reminders that it wasn't all that long ago when they were under the communist system. In Buda we visited Castle Hill and the many sights there. In Pest we saw the Grand Market, took in an Opera at the Opera house, visited the Parliament building and plaza, went to the Thermal Bath's and hot pots for the afternoon, walked along the river and the many bridges connecting the two cities, walked along many old and narrow streets till our hearts were content, and took a day trip to St. Andrews, an old city on the Danube with tons of charm.
A HUGE shout out to mom and dad for coming and taking such good care of our kids and our home! We couldn't have done it without your generosity.


Melissa said...

I hope you have more pictures than this Brooke!!
I'm glad you guys got to do this and have such a great time.

Leslie said...

That's a rather risque picture of Bjorn in the shower isn't it?? Ha, Ha! Does he know you put that on here? I'm so glad you got to go and had a wonderful trip, it sounds terrific. I was laughing last night listening to the harrowing tales your mom had to tell about the troublesome twosome!

Kristin said...

Wow. Bjorn can't be happy about that shot! LOL. I can't believe you've had time to settle in and blog already! Looks like a great time. Back to life...

angie lee said...

You went to Eastern Europe? Without the kids? Please, pretty please may I be adopted by your mom and dad? :) Seriously, More pictures, please. When can we catch up?