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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Myles was having problems with going poop on the potty so I put him back in Pull-ups till he could go four time in a row on the potty. Anyway he wasn't too fond of the pull-ups because they are not only hot, but big and bulky and they get all bunched up. Especially since I make him wear them till they practically fall apart. So we were walking through Target and he is walking all crazy and lifting his legs up all funny. I stopped and said "Myles what is the problem?" He looked at me as said in a very serious face "Mom, my pants all jacked up!" What do you say to that! I just looked at him and started laughing. What else do you say to a statement like that? What a cute boy.


Melissa said...

Now I don't care who you are.............that's funny.

Kristin said...

LOL. Hope the pooping crisis passes quickly!