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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall fun

Well it's that time of year when the weather FINALLY gets cool, the leaves go "crunch, crunch, crunch" under your feet, and the little kids all say "trick-or-treat"! We have been busy making our Halloween rounds this year. It started last Monday with a "trunk-or-treat" at the church. We all dressed in costume and won the family prize. If you can't tell Bjorn and I are flowers and the kids are all our bumble bee's. Yea for the Dodd hive! The girls loved this costume because they love to be held and baby bjorn's simulate this. The night was full of chili dinner, ghost cup cakes, carnival games for the kids, and the trunk-or-treat to finish it all off.

Friday night was the Myrtle street fair. We like to take a walk down there every so often. Not every weekend, in fact I don't think we have been there since June. Anyway, with our big triple stroller you can imagine what a zoo it is to walk there. We get stopped every 5 feet and it takes a lot of patience to get through the place. It was a perfect night for us however, there were a lot less people than usual and we made our way through with ease. Myles even had a stop at the petting zoo for a pony ride. He's wanted to do this several times before, but I didn't think he would sit still long enough. He had such a great time! Take a look at his cute little face.

Saturday was trick-or-treating on Myrtle street. All the merchants come out on the street and hand out candy to the MILLIONS of families who parade their kids up and down the street. It's really a nice thing for little kids. It's early in the afternoon and you don't have to worry about where to go. It's fast and the kids get a good haul. Then you don't have to feel bad about putting them down to bed before the trick-or-treaters get to your home that night! What a successful Halloween. May they all be this easy.


Melissa said...

Myles looks way cute.
Congrats on the family win.
You guys look great.

Kristin said...

Cutest costumes EVER! Seriously, did you think that up? SOOOOO cute!

Angela said...

You were so adorable at the party. I love that your so creative. The cupcakes were adorable also. I am coming to U for help if I ever make those!
YOur the best!!