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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The fruits

This is the fruit of last years labors. I hadn't pulled out my last tomato plant from last years box garden. When I went to do that this spring there were flowers all over it so I decided to leave it. Let's just see what happens. Well starting in May we had fresh beautiful luscious tomatoes to eat. I have been very blessed because this year there wasn't going to be any kind of garden. I didn't have the energy to plant it when I needed to and now I have no time to do much of anything.

Last week alone I harvested a sink full of ripe tomatoes. They were great to eat, but coming out of my ears. I would pick between 20-30 each day! I called mother and got the Anderson's salsa recipe so I could use them all up. I got 3 six quart pots full of salsa. It turned out great, a little to spicy for me, but not bad for Bjorn.

Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the rest of the years crop. I've already made and froze spaghetti sauce for two meals. I have about 100 more tomatoes on the vine, and remember this is only one plant. Maybe I should just bottle them. I don't know. Too bad I sent all my bottles home with Ryan in June. Oh well I'll think of something.


Melissa said...

Wow Brooke that is amazing. I can't believe you did nothing and have like hundreds of tomatoes growing.
What about neighbours? Do they want some or does anyone have jars they don't want so you can just can them for whatever?

Kristin said...

Off of ONE plant. I am in awe. And so jealous, that'd never work here. Too bad you can't can them. Tomatoes are easy to do.

Angela said...

You always amaze me! What a great Salsa. Thanks for sharing our's never made it to the freezer! IT was so yummy.

That plant is out of control. I wish my 6 tomatoe plants would even produce half that much!