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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


These numbers are the weights of my children. Yesterday we all went to the doctors office together. Myles had his 21 month check up and Audrey and Lydi had their 8 week check up. Lydia weighed in yesterday @ 9lbs. 15 oz., and is 21 3/4". Audrey is 22" tall and weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz., and Myles the big bubba weighed 34 lbs. and is 38 3/4" tall. He didn't gain any weight, but grew an inch. His feet are growing too. He's now into a size 9! His feet don't look big, but when you put shoes on those feet they sure do. He's on target to be 6'-4". I can't believe how tall he is. Unfortunately he is built like me. He has a long body and short little legs. He also got long arms from his daddy. I guess we need to start teaching him tennis. He has the perfect body for a Tennis Pro..

We will be getting the girls to sleep through the night this week! YEA! I'm really tiered, to the point that I can't remember anything. I need a full nights rest or I'm going to have a serious problem. I feel like a person with sleep apnea. I can fall asleep in under 30 sec. these days.
We'll let you know how it goes. That also means that Myles is going to have to start sleeping in a big boy bed next week. I'm dreading that. I don't want bedtime to become a three ring circus.

Life at the Dodd house is never dull!


Melissa said...

Sounds like they're doing great.
Will they fit their dresses just fine for the blessing?
Wow Myles is a size 9 shoe? That's amazing.
I think Masaru is only a 10 or 11.
Imagine him being a tennis pro. That'd be awesome.
I'm so glad they're all healthy and doing well.
Good luck with the sleeping. I bet it'll go just fine and Myles in the big boy bed.
Let me know how that one goes. That'll be Yuki in a month.

Kristin said...

they are sooooo cute. I love the outfits too. sleeping through the night already? seems like you just had them yesterday.... I know, times flies for me.

angie said...

Or a swimmer. Long arms are great for swimming! :)

Can't wait to see you next week.