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Monday, April 13, 2009

A little of this and that

So I'm 30 weeks now and have 6 weeks to go. I am counting down the days till delivery. I've been really lucky up to this point in my pregnancy. I've had relatively few problems, especially for a twin pregnancy. But everything must come to an end I guess. I'm starting to show signs of PIH again. I also failed my glucose test and had to take the three hour test last week. My hands and feet are swollen even before I get up in the morning. By the end of the night they look really bad. I need to stop wearing my wedding ring now because I'm afraid I won't be able to get it off like last time. Too late for the toe ring. I forgot about it and now it's stuck. My B.P. is rising slowly and I am having contractions that took us to the hospital for monitoring. Nothing that the doctor wants to do about it now. The medication side effects are worse than the contractions at this point. Don't worry, I am seen every two weeks and he will evaluate me again next week. I'm also really feeling out of room on the inside. Six more weeks baby! I'm counting the days.

On another note: This post should be labeled "Doggie Attempt Suicide."
Last night Yoda was running around the driveway while Bjorn and I were gathering some camping equipment for a friend. Bjorn asked if I had the dog in the garage, but I didn't. He proceeded to call "Yoda", and much to his surprise Yoda almost came down right on top of his head. You see the apartments behind our house are two levels. The dog went up the stairs and was wondering around the second floor. When Bjorn called him, he jumped, right onto a metal rain shield. Now this isn't a very sturdy rain shield by any stretch of the imagination. So there we are not being able to get him from below, Bjorn runs up the stairs while I am holding the flashlight trying to convince the dog to "STAY". I'm thinking that the metal is going to come crashing down right on top of me at any second. You can hear Yoda's claws scratching on the metal as he slides ever closer to the edge of the metal overhang. What a stupid dog! Bjorn grabs him from above, disaster averted. Can you just see it, a dog with 4 broken legs all on a Sunday night vet bill. Just what I need right now. Lucky for me all is well and we didn't need any medical attention, except maybe some doggie Prozac. I'm not kidding, this dog costs us more than the kids do.

These are pictures of the scene of the accident. I guess he ducked under the white railing and onto the metal. Look at the metal it's not even level. What a stupid dog!
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Melissa said...

Have you ever thought how happy Yoda would be in doggie heaven?
Jokes man jokes.
I think you're doing great. 30 weeks!
That's cause for celebration.
Good luck for the last six.

Kristin said...

Ugh. Sorry you're not doing so well. High BP and what does the glucose mean? Diabetes? Man. Having just gone through the worst 6 weeks of my life, I feel for you in the next 6. Good luck. I put your name on the temple roll on Saturday.
And we just watched Marley and Me, after it was over, all I could think was, why didn't they put that dog down the first week? I don't know man, you dog people are gluttons for punishment. I'm wondering if Yoda is going to make it once the girls arrive...

angie said...

What? It's amazing how quickly things can go south.......(double whammy there with the humor......the pregnancy and yoda). I'm sorry about the BP and glucose and swelling.......BUT, 30 weeks is fantastic and I'm so glad you have such good doctors. I'll call to see if we are still on for Thursday. Tell those girls to hang out for the shower at least,K? :)

Leslie said...

Another month at least, you can do it. So is your diet more restricted now, or is it just like last time? Did you completely fail the glucose test? You may want to cut that toe ring off, it would be terrible to lose the end of your toe as a souvenir if the swelling continues on. What is your B/P?

Fun times at the McF home said...

Oh, the six week home stretch. Literally. Hang in there, and just think of your reward at the end. And your dog is lucky to have you guys...I think he for sure has at least 10 lives. As for the feet...try (and I emphasize TRY) to keep off of them. It hurts me to remember what that was like, and sad that your feet are like that! Hang in there!