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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

What a difference a year makes. Last year Myles and I went to the Monrovia Day Easter Egg hunt. I was basically putting all the eggs in the basket. Well this year he got it! He walked over to pick up eggs and put them into his basket. Saturday morning they had the Easter egg hunt in one of the local parks. We had an egg hunt and had got a free book from the book mobile and then went to play at the park. I think Myles liked the park just as much as gathering all the eggs.

Then on Sunday we had an egg hunt in the living room for him before we got ready for church. It was really cute. He wanted to open all the eggs and consume their contents before moving on to the next egg. Needless to say he had a breakfast of cookies and chocolate that day.

After church we were invited to a friends house for a wonderful Easter dinner. All I had to bring was the funeral potatoes. What an easy way out. Everything there was wonderful. We had another egg hunt for the kids and Myles being a pro at egg hunts by now went to work filling his basket with all the eggs in sight. These eggs were filled not with candy but toys so the kids had fun playing with bubbles, and balloon punching bags, and frogs and all kinds of other toys. What a wonderful Easter!
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Melissa said...

Sounds great.
I like that picture of Myles with Bjorn at the very top.

Kristin said...

Cute egg hunter. It does get fun when they 'get it'.