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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A belated Christmas post

For Christmas 2008 we packed up the car, with the dog and Myles in tow,  and drove to Utah.  The weather wasn't good and I had my doubts that we would even get there, but to my surprise we made it in one piece and in good time.  We left after work one evening and drove through the night so that Myles would sleep the whole way.  A great plan till we arrived in Bountiful the next morning at 7:30 am and Myles was ready to roll, while mommy and daddy were like death warmed over.  I had done most of the driving, not that Bjorn was sleeping, but I just couldn't stay awake any longer.  I ran across the street to Grandma and Papa's house where breakfast was in full swing.  I said hello and dropped the kid off.  Love having grandparents!  After some much needed sleep the days events were well underway and the holiday season was officially upon us.  

You have to love the holidays at the Nakaya household.  It starts with Gingerbread house making, cookie icing, playing in the snow, papa shoveling the entire neighborhoods driveways, GREAT food and lot's of it, the adults staying up WAY too late to play games, a Christmas eve pageant with all the little kids in costume and some talents on display, TOO many gifts to count and much much more.  This year the girls all piled in the car the day after Christmas to head Salt Lake to see the Ballet the Nutcracker.  I've done this many times in my life, but none as fun as to be there with my mother, sister, sil's, and niece.  What a fabulous holiday!


Leslie said...

It was fun...mostly, except for the bedrest and all that jazz. I'm glad you guys could come and could stay over. It is fun to play with the little man.

angie said...

Sounds like such a fun Christmas, with so many great traditions. It's funny that I missed you by MINUTES in both states.

Jacob's rash and eye thing turned ended up (I'm assuming) some virus that caused wheesing, coughing and now a cold. So, it's good we didn't get together. He's definitely getting better and should be completely good by Monday. So, call when you want to get together.

angie said...

Oh, the U/S pictures are great!

Angela said...

Love seeing the pictures, Myles looks so cute in the sled!
I am so impressed that your blogging. Even though I am just down the street I still love to read it and see the pictures.
love ya!

Nakaya Adventures said...

Myles is a lot bigger. I like the sledding picture.

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