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Friday, April 11, 2008

Poop on your finger!!

I was wondering yesterday, as I was wiping Masaru's 'rear end', if there would ever be a time when I could go through a week without having poop on my finger.
I've been thinking this for a while now because Masaru has started pooping about 3/4 times a day!! He obviously has something wrong with his little tummy and that makes it 'slightly' better when I'm scrubbing furiously to get rid of any trace of his 'number two' off of my finger!
Potty training has been the horror of my life.
I thought 'I'm a great mother, I'll start potty training him at 18months, just like my sister did with her girl, it'll work cause I'll MAKE it work!'
Little did I know I'd have a year and a half battle on my hands.
Of course I studied all the different way of potty training and, in this year and a half, have been through ALL of them.
It doesn't help when friends of mine say to me 'Oh it took my kid a week and now they're fully trianed' They tell me how they did it and the first thing that runs through my mind is 'I've tried that, and no luck.'
Don't get me wrong I'm extremely happy for THEM, but it makes me feel that much more sorry for myself!!!
When I had no kids I thought I was going to be the perfect mother. Of course I was a school teacher, to small children!! I thought I had it covered.
I mean I'm an intelligent woman, I'm the oldest of five brothers and one sister I thought I knew it all.
I was one of 'those girls' who would look at other mothers and how they did things and think 'Yeah I'd do that different'
One example was when I saw mum's letting their babies drool all over their shoulder! I just thought that was the grossest thing ever!!
The list goes on and then I had Masaru!
I can't tell you how many drool stains I've gotten on my shirts! How many times I've been thrown up on and of course pooped on!
Those of you who know me know I love to talk, I also love to share my opinions and throw them around like it's a *"Lollie scramble"
But as the days of motherhood go on for me the less and less opinions I have on how mothers should raise their children.
I've realized that as educated, intelligent, sofisticated, and good looking as I THINK I am, NOTHING could have prepared me for what was to come with being a stay at home mum with my kids.
I've gone from having ALL the answers to not having many answers!
It's brought me on my knees many times and put the opinion sharing at a minimum!!
I think I'm finally starting to realize that what you think is going to happen and what REALLY happens, sometimes are two different things.
Like my whole birth plan and wanting to do it natural and breast feeding for a whole year.
Well guess what................ I have to have c-sections and my milk drys up after three months!!
Another example is my mission. I thought I was going to convert thousands!! I had graduated seminary and institute with flying colours and knew the gospel pretty well, I had a firm testimony and was going to 'rock everyone's worlds'
Well the world that got 'rocked' was mine.
So I'm guessing that Heavenly Father has many many lessons for me to learn.
I now realize that I don't know much about motherhood except that I need to pray for patience and try my best with my children so they can turn out better than I did.
So guess what........................Yuki and potty training is going to be a whole different story. If she wants to stay in nappies until she's three, that's fine by me!!
When she tells me she's ready to potty train THEN and ONLY then I'll get started, cross my 'poopless' fingers, and hope for the best.
I mean it can't be as bad as Masaru has been, CAN IT?

*For the Americans who are reading.
A lollie scramble is what we used to do in NZ. You get a WHOLE bunch of lollies (candy) and an adult stands at the front, usually on something to make them a lot higher and begins to throw lollies out to the children. As kids we'd race around, pushing and shoving each other to try and collect the MOST lollies we could in the short amount of time it lasted!!
It was the funniest thing ever!
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angie said...

I didn't know you served a mission.........I'm waiting for the day when I'll no longer have to wipe butts........:)

Kayla said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the poop on the finger. I'm afraid that my children are going to learn quickly that I don't do well with that type of stuff. We'll see, eh?

Kristin said...

LOL! So funny. Good post. Here's my thought, borrowed from someone,
"We make plans, and God laughs." Not true obviously, but it seems about right. Hang in there, and hey, it's not too late to just stick him back in nappies!

Leslie said...

We tend to forget sometimes that our children come with a mind of their own. Never fear (ha,ha) it only gets worse as they get older. Good luck, I DO know, unfortunately, what a poopy finger is like.

Clark Captions said...

Melissa! This is sooo funny! I needed a good laugh, Thanks! Good luck with the potty training...Alex will be 3 on June 1st, and we haven't even started trying. We talk, but that is as far as it goes. So, hats off to you, and good luck with the poop!

Sara Adams said...

I totally understand! All of the other mom's in my playgroup started potty training early, and said that their kid had 1 accident, and was then completely potty trained. Then there is my child, who seemed really interested in potty training, so we started. We have now been trying for about 6 months. She is great for a couple days, and then she just stops caring and has 6 accidents in 1 day. There is a new movie out called "Baby Mama". And a little boy runs into the room covered in brown stuff. The mom stops him and asks "Is that chocolate or poop?" Then she licks his arm, smiles and says "Chocolateeeee" So whenever I have a bad potty training day, at least I haven't had to experience the chocolate vs poop test.

Talbot Family said...

I think the sophistication flies out the window when they come in to check your cathetar. After that, it all goes down hill. Sorry about the poop, Adessa is 2 1/2 and years away from being ready to potty train. Which I suppose is O.K. She'll do it when she is ready. I too was grossed out when parents shared their drinks with their slobbering children, as a mom, you'll do anything to keep em' from screaming. Humility and motherhood I think share a definition. Good luck, you'll have to share some of the potty tips you have learned with me.

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Mellissa I truly believe that potty training boys is 10 times harder than girls, so I will keep my fingers crossed for Yuki. Good luck, it's a long hard process.

Kent Family said...

Sadly I never trained a boy. My girls were fairly easy, but I heard horror stories about boys. Thank heavens my boy will be perfect and I hope that during the millenium he'll know what to do. One day it's potty training and the next your talking to your girls about growing, sore breasts and periods. Being a mother is GREAT!