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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Disclaimer

I didn't mean to leave everyone hanging. To be honest, there is no big ending to this saga. But unlike someone I know, I won't name names, I'm not going to make anything up just for the sake of making my blog seem more interesting! Anyway, here's the ending.
Apartment hunting was the least exciting thing I've done in a long time. The thought of moving from our house into an apartment nearly half the size is quite depressing.
I started the hunt with student housing, my comp who attended law school at U of I told me that the 3 bedroom units are quite spacious and come with free high speed internet and cost 600 a month. A bargain considering a two bedroom flat in Salt Lake is 900 a month and no internet.
But they were full. So full that they weren't taking a waiting list anymore. Huh, that sucks.
So I started into the "private sector" where my luck was not too much better. The first two management companies I called had nothing available. Mmmm. It was now snowing, which had nothing to do with apartment hunting, but it seemed to make the mood of the whole thing all the more hopeless.
The next call was better, units available and only minutes away to show them to me. So far so good. The units were new, 2006, but less than spacious. 2 bedrooms, I was thinking more like 2 three quarter bedrooms. Where's the rest? I thought. Nope not behind the door. Not in the closet. Huh, I think our king size bed will take up the entire room. A whole new meaning to "I have a condo with wall-to-wall" instead of carpet, my bed will be wall-to-wall! The kitchen has a dishwasher, disposal, 2 feet of counter space, and a fridge. and the price, 640 a month plus utilities, phone, and internet. The price is ok, but I think we'll have to invest in some Japanese furniture.
I'll have my people call your people!
Maybe an old house would be better. My sister has a nice little, but spacious, house in a college town. It works for her, maybe it could work for us. I start stalking the streets. Lots of signs with numbers, but no one on the other end of those numbers, just machines. No luck.
I head back to the Bellwood lecture reception, surely there's food there. And there was. Nothing looked that great, but they had pineapple, my fav. I load up my tiny plate with pineapple and a couple of m&m cookies. Not bad for mainland pineapple!
Back to the Inn, I'll try again tomorrow.
I met with the financial aid office first thing in the morning. Good news! I only have to borrow 40 trillion dollars over the next three years! But at least I qualify for all the federal loan programs.
I found a place to live, well...sort of. I found a brand new complex of apartments and went into the office to inquire. Its low income housing, sign us up! "technically" I've only been working since March 25 (when we got back from NZ) and will stop working in August, so we're under their 28,500 a year limit. wahoooooo! 2 bedroom, 975 sft, dishwasher, hookups, disposal, car port, more than 2 feet of counter space, 535 a month. The catch? small wait list. 5-6 are coming available sometime in the summer. So fingers crossed we get in.
All in all, I think the trip was a success and worth every sky mile Shauna and Mas donated for the trip!
It wasn't as exciting as the last post, but if you kept reading after the disclaimer and were still disappointed, its your fault!
Til next time


Melissa said...

My favourite is the "Good news! We only have to borrow 40 Trillion dollars"!!!
I was laughing out loud. OH that's right, you were there.
Well looks like you'll have to get us a nice job to pay that 40 trillion back within 40 trillion years.

Kristin said...

I resent that 'un-named' person comment. EVERY word I write in my blog is the honest truth. EVERY WORD. I like how Melissa comments formally too. Very funny.

Dru said...

Well...the cat's out of the bag now, I was trying to keep the 'un-named' person un-named. And I'm sure that EVERY word is the truth huh? My sources say

angie said...

This post was hilarious. In that it left me a little baffled. Who actually wrote the post? Who is the unnamed person? And will they be revealed? I then the line about 40 trillion dollars. At least it's only 40 trillion. And not say, 41 trillion. :) If it makes you feel any better, we lived in the armpit of MA in a 2 bedroom duplex. For part of the time we had all 3 kids in a 10X10 bedroom. Not exactly spacious, but we did just fine! :)

Laura said...

You are funny Dru. I really hope you guys get in to those apartments. It sounds nice... Does it have a pool? If so we are TOTALLY visiting next summer... jjajaja.. hope that's Ok. Really I hope that you don't go to Idaho... I don't want you guys to move... please stay!!!