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Friday, May 9, 2008

31's not old right!?! It can't be.....I'm 31!

So tomorrow is the BIG DAY, the big 3-1!!
I just can't believe a year has gone past.
I'm still trying to get a grip on the fact that I'm the big 3-0 and now the big 3-1 has come up and bitten me in the butt!
Now I know age is just a number and I have plenty to be grateful for and I should be happy with my achievements, which I am you know, I am, I really am.
BUT.............still 31...........come on, can I just wollow in my own misery for a little while? Even if it's just for an hour of my whole 24 hour birthday?
I used to LOVE my birthday's. Then I hit 30 and it's been a little different feeling for me.
I still love having Dru take me out and the cards and attention I get.....................let's not get outta control here......................but 31! Gosh it's, it's, so, so.................OLD.
And I know I know it's not really OLD but like my wonderful friend told me today "it's IS old" She's young and beautiful and honest. And I love that.

But don't we all, in our 20's look at 30 and think it's OLD? Am I the only one here that has ever felt this way?
I would hear someone tell me their in their 30's and just think that was SOOOOO OLD! And look what I'm in my 30's.
And I think to myself..........wait a second I'M 30, what the hell happend? (Heck for the americans)
Now I'm not a retard. I know how age works, you know one year at a time, that kinda thing. But still my 30's just hit me like a tons of bricks and I'm still not over it.
Now anyone who's in their 30's out there do you get over it?
I hope so cause so far my 30's have been amazing and wonderful, so really there's nothing to complain about except for the number.
The only time I get reminded of the number is when I have to put it in the tredmill or eliptical at the gym.
I'm hitting all the buttons and am like "oh yeah I'm 30 now" (sigh)
So it SHOULD be no big deal. So why do I have this feeling about it?
I must be shallow or something.
I mean I don't FEEL old.
I feel cool and hip and fun and young and 30 mustn't be too bad and it musn't be as old as what I always imagined it to be.
PLUS look at the most important reasons I have to smile..................all reasons to smile in my 30's.
I'm thinking my 30's are going to be GREAT years. I mean I'll have the rest of my kids, they'll all be young and still love me and think I'm the bees knees. Dru will be going through law school, finished law school, get his first CAREER job. All in my thirties.
The list is endless of what my 30's hold for me.
So really I should embrace my 30's and look forward to it with arms wide open with the wind blowing through my hair at 90 miles an hour.
I'm looking forward to the day when, in my 30's, a birthday comes and I feel the same way I did in my 20's birthdays.
I know I sound ungrateful and I guess I am a little, but after I get over myself I AM grateful.
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Haydn said...

Mate your allways complaining about something get over it. You have always been ungreatful tho like that time we did a suprise birthday at matts, mean ungreatful hahahahhaah anyways you know i love you milz, its only cos awwwww yuki you so cute. woooooooooow

Colleen said...

Melissa, Happy Birthday!! I know how you feel though. I used to look at my aunts (sorry Shauna) and think they were so old and now, guess what, I am them!!! AAH. I will be 28 in 11 days and I am just dying over that fact! You still look amazing! I do hope you have an amazing day!!

angie said...

Happy Birthday, you old woman. I've loved how I've felt as a woman in her 30's (I'm 33). As a child and young adult I did think being 30 WAS old. I assumed everything that was going to be accomplished in life was already done by then........what I didn't know was that my life would just be beginning in many ways. I say embrace your 30' year you'll be 32. ha ha. That picture of you and Dru is fabulous, btw!

Laura said...

Happy b-day girl!!! You are awesome! I love you and FYI you make 31 look great1 Hope you have a great great day.

Kristin said...

You'll always be younger than me, so try not to be so negative about the OLD stuff eh?! JK. I know, I know. It sucks. You won't be sad about your 30's for long though, pretty soon you'll be crying about being so close to 40---like me!!!

Tiffany said...

First of all--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Then I have to say--I feel the same way. I hate the sound of saying I'm 31. The 30's have always seemed old to me as well. Not that I feel old, it's just that...well, I am in my 30's. It's just not the same as saying you're in your 20's. I haven't gotten used to the 30's yet, but then again, I am only six months older than you. If you figure it out before me, let me know the secret.

Brooke said...

Hey, most of us are older than you so stop bagging on the OLD people. Enjoy your birthday!

Sarah said...

"That is old!!!" Hope you had a great night out and enjoyed the great excuse for dinner and movie with Dru. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

You are hillarious!!!! I so know what you're feeling. I am turning 30 in August and I can't tell you how badly I want time to just stop. I am so depressed about being 30!!!! Good luck and let me know how you get over it. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Robyn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Melissa Dear, happy days will come to you all year. If I had one wish then it would be...a happy happy birthday to you from me!

Holby said...

ok Milz, here's the's all in perspective. Everyone 25 and under is not even worried about turning 30. It just doesn't seem possible. Some of us live like we'll never get there, and a few of us don't. I'm staring 30 right in the face and having a panic attack because I thought I'd never be 30.

Once you're over the 3-0 hurdle, you shouldn't have to worry for at least 10 more years. Everyone over 40 who reads your post is probably laughing because they remember feeling just like you, but life hasn't ended. Hopefully, by 40 you'll just be richer and wiser.

After 50, life just moves a little faster and you move a little slower...after all, what's the hurry!?

Life is only beginning at 30. Here's to our 30's! Live each day to its fullest. Happy birthday, and happy Mum's day, mate! :)

Carrie said...

Melissa! Happy Birthday! Please don't think 31 is old, cuz that will mean that I'm OLD. And I didn't think 31 was old. I mean... it's not 34, or 35! I have thought that getting older is just meaning life is getting better! Look at how much more we appreciate life and how more mature we are and how much wiser we are, and how much much much more beautiful we are! ENJOY 31! and 32... and 33... and 34... and 35... and so on! Each experience just makes us better!

Clark Captions said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope you had a good day all in all.....Being in your thirties I think, is actually pretty cool. You are smarter, sexier, and you actually have a better grip on life. Not to say that there is still a ton to learn, but I think you have a better handle. Enjoy every moment and I hope you get spoiled!

Talbot Family said...

Wow, 31? It is amazing that you can still walk. I just feel grateful that I have 5 more months in my 20's. Not sure what will happen when I turn 30? MAybe I'll dye my hair purple. At any rate, hope you had a great dinner and a fab. movie. Let me know which you saw and if it was any good!

Anonymous said...

hey babe! 30 is so not old, i turned thirty in feb and Leonard just turned thirty the day you wrote this blog...we are young and full of life and energy!
Sure i agree while i was a teenager (a baby) i looked at thirty and it seemed so far away and so old, but now that i'm here i'm starting to think fifty is not so old and i used to think 50 was ancient. That's because alot of my friends are older then me in their late thirtys, early and mid forties and let me tell you when i'm with them they seem like they are the same age...and they look great...not how i imagined that age group to look... and they act young! Not like my parents at that age! They are young and what i have discovered in my twenties was that age is in the head and you truly are the age you simple as this Melissa ...if you feel young you are young...age is just a number!
I'll admit i was a little sad to be leaving the world of the twenties but as you said the thirties are gonna be good why so blue?
By the way happy birthday!!
p.s love the pics! so cute!

schmath said...

Thirty is totally young! I don't think a person is old until about age 80. Think of all the hot grandmas on Oprah who are in their seventies and livin it up. I remember feeling old when I reached age 20. It's all relative.