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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Growing Up

Man it's painful to grow up. I always thought it was tough as a kid, but I am beginning to really understand how painful it must have been for my parents!

We're having yet another battle of the wills with Ethan, aka "Mr. Stubborn." I used to be able to buy all his clothes and stuff without him wanting to be involved. This was nice because I could shop the sales and pick out the greatest bargain.

No. more.

We've been searching for a new pair of shoes now for a week! The ones he got at the beginning of the school year, I noticed the other day, have soles that so thin that I can nearly poke my finger through the sole! How does he get around in these I wondered? We need shoes that he'll agree to wear (and here's the rub), that I'll agree to pay for. Not to mention his feet require a men's 7.5 these you know how hard it is to find a decent pair of men's shoes on a good sale? If you know much about Ethan you know that this is just another day. I wondered how much money he has in his piggy bank?

On a side note, here he is at his Arrow of Light ceremony on April 1st. It was a lot of fun. The primary brought in a expert scouter from here in Bountiful who has been a Webelos leader for 30+ years to teach us of few things and to run the ceremony. He was very entertaining and I tried to get some great pics, but I had to give my camera to Shauna during the presentation of the awards and she thought she was taking pictures when she wasn't. You know that little focus feature? Sometimes that happens, oh well. Some of the tips he gave us were how you should really wear your uniform "to be a cub scout/boy scout and not a girl scout," how to run a flag ceremony properly, and how a pack meeting should operate. Congratulations Ethan!

And we get to do this three more times...Bears, and Wolves, and Webelos, oh my!


Kristin said...

man, I hear you on the shoes thing. Remember my church shoe crisis? It's a pain. Luke is wearing my sneakers and my chaco's now, they fit perfectly and he loves them. I don't think he's as picky as E though. I shop for him at the DI, and he usually doesn't care what I bring home. Good luck with that. His display thingy is really cool, that's a nice memento for him, and you sound like you have a way better attitude towards those meetings, so you'll do just fine with 3 more!

Melissa said...

You were talking about getting him new shoes over 2 weeks ago!
It really must be a tough thing!
Good luck!

Brooke said...

Yea, I like picking out what I want to buy and at the price I am willing to part with. Good luck with the others too. The scout pictures are really fun. You only have how many more to go?...

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Kristin said...

who the heck is teclado e mouse? is this one of those computer spams? we may have to switch to the human authentication code on this blog. bummer.

Leslie said...

Uh, koo-koo! Some spanish blogger is stalking us! What the heck?