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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Since we've been back from NZ I've been worried about Masaru and how lonely he must be in comparrison to when he was there.
We were living with his cousins, Cora, Elise and Ava for 2 months and so he always had friends around!
So I thought I would start trying little play dates for him.
Since there is zero boys his age in the ward, there was really only a couple to choose from.
Fortunatley I happen to be friends with the mum of one of the boys in the ward called Mylo.
So they've spent a few dates together and love each other.
It's been really nice to have him around. They play really well together and Masaru talks about him all the time!!
Masaru also has two little girlfriends called Hannah and Emma, which he sees every now and then whom he loves playing with. But they live at least half an hour away!!
So I called my old visiting teaching buddy Sarah and decided to ask her if we could have Meg.
I don't know how people feel about little girls playing with boys so I felt Sarah was 'safe' to ask and if worked out well I thought I could branch out to other girls.
Dru had a little friend when he was Masaru's age called Sarah Ward. Dru used to call her
Sewa Wuud. I think that's soooooo cute. They were great mates.
Masaru has started talking about Meg now and when she's going to come around to play next. So I think that's a good sign. Although those two played completely different together than the two boys.
Meg was interested in 'fixing' the sink with Masaru's fake tools though. She was telling us how her father can fix these things and he taught her. It was pretty funny.
This last pic is of Masaru and Isacc hanging out.
Isacc is our good friends, Mandi and Travis' little boy and they had a 'blast' together.
Isacc asked if Masaru was going to sleep over for the night! I thought that was wonderful.
On a side tangent.
Travis asked Masaru "So do you like Jeeps?" Probably because Masaru got into ALL of Isacc's toys and found anything with 4 wheels and lined them up in a nice neat row and played with them one at a time.
Masaru said "Yep" Then Travis asked "Does your Dad like Jeeps" To which Masaru promptly stated "No my dad likes Land Cruisers"
We were busting up laughing for ages. Dru's still talks about it and is so proud of Masaru for saying that.
I know it's complete indoctrination from Dru's side!!
But at least Masaru can admit he likes jeeps and Dru doesn't get on his case about it.
guess the time will come where Dru will have the "Landcruisers and better than jeeps" talk.
We need to see Isacc again really soon.
And of course I posted a picture of little Yuki Mei because I think Masaru and her play really well together and out of all of his friends, she's his best friend.
They laugh and giggle and play so much together.
Masaru will play hide and seek with her and she doesn't even know she's playing. And Masaru will be hiding from her and peeking around the corner and cracking up laughing if Yuki sees him. It's the cutest thing man.
He can entertain and make her laugh a lot better than Dru and I can. It's great.
Look at those faces Mylo and Meg are pulling!!!
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Kristin said...

So cute. It's nice to have someone to entertain your child, and boys/girls play great together till about preK, then they don't like 'girls' just on principle. Although, Kate will play with a boy if no girls can be had. Love the shot of Yuki. So darling.

Leslie said...

Friends are the best. The older they get the more entertained they are with friends and it makes life so much easier! Just pray for good friends! The pics are cute and it looks like they are having a lot of fun.

Leslie said...
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Laura said...

I love the pics of the kids. You are being way to nice to all of us for having our kids come over. You know I will return the favor some day... for now I really love the break and Mylo TOTALLY needs Masaru as a buddy, he is always surrounded by girls. Thanks for being a great friend. I love you and your family!!! XXX'S

Clark Captions said...

Your kids are absolutely darling Melissa! I'm glad you've been able to get some play dates set up for Masaru....and that big smile on Yuki's face is priceless!

Colleen said...

Did you know that Travis grew up just around the corner from me? This world is so small. I still talk to his sisters Megan and Harmony. I am glad you have found good friend in him and Mandi. YOur kids are seriously just so stinkin' cute! I just want to squeeze Yuki with that big smile on her face. So precious.

Brooke said...

I love the pictures of the kids. Friends are great to have and I don't think it matters boys or girls at that age. I had two boy firends until kindergarten.

Talbot Family said...

Hey, let's not discriminate against the only children females in the ward J/K. But seriously, if Masaru is ever lonely give me a call because Adessa asks if it is church every day so she can see her friends. What do you do when you only have 1? I feel bad too that she is lonely. Oh well, I guess our weekly outing to the McDonalds play land will have to cut it until she is in pre-school. Looks like the kids had fun, it is great having you back.

Sarah said...

Great shot of Mas and Meg. She, too, has been talking of playing over there since. The whole boy/girl together thing: I am definately "safe" to call on that because I WANT Meg around both. I figure any/all are go to learn from. Boys will toughen her up, right?
Now I feel guilty about the "too many kids around comment on my post" but oh well. Since my venting over the phone you know what I mean.
I'll give you a call and get the two together sometime this week.