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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The floating circus

Just thought I'd post this so everyone knows how we spent 4 hrs. one day! That's Chris and Ryan on the oars, thanks guys, even though the current was going faster than we were. The tag-alongs behind, Brooke, Bjorn, and Les. Dru and Melissa took a seperate ride, as did Dad, and the kids bounced around, in and out. All in all, a fun, if not long, day. Oh, and by the way, from where we got out to where we put in, the car trip was only 10 min.!
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angie said...

You did have a floating circus! :)How did you keep ahold of all the kids for that long on an inner tube?

Brooke said...

Hey I had a great time being pulled by the sled dogs through the shallows of the river. I especially liked the part at the top when it was so cold I couldn't stop laughing. What else could we have done with that many kids for that long of time. I think the trip was a great success.