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Monday, June 25, 2007

1/2 birthday party for "thing one and thing two"

They aren't little babies any longer. Tate and Seth turn 4 1/2 and have a great family dinner complete with presents. I think they now have enough water guns to last the entire summer for all the kids on the block.


angie said...

Your grandma Nakaya looks FABULOUS! Loved seeing all the pictures, especially Dru with his crew. The pictures of Kate and Ella are adorable!

angie said...

Oops, posted the first comment in the wrong spot, but I love that you do a 1/3 party for "thing one and thing two". I've been thinking of doing the same thing for my kids since the twins are sometimes on Thanksgiving and the others are right after Christmas. I love seeing pictures of your families and hope to meet your super duo sometime soon! Happy 4 1/2 boys!