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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A dog

We have many discussions about pets at our house. We have decided that IF we ever get a dog, it will be a Schnoodle-poodle, miniature schnauzer mix. Because they are hypo-allergenic. This weekend, there were a lot of dogs at Gramma's 90'th. Tak and Janie both had theirs, and Shorty had his cat. Mom asked Kate if we were going to get a dog, she said, "Mom's lergic, we can only have a poodle noodle." The things 3 yr. olds say. Hilarious.
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Brooke said...

A poodle noodle huh...think about it long and hard. Maybe Yoda can come and spend the week at your house and that will cure your children of ever wanting the responsibility of a dog. Just ask Ryan's kids, it only took them one night of Yoda to think twice about it. She does say the funniest things!

angie said...

I'd love to see a poodle noodle! Jeff has been pushing for a dog, but I'm standing firm with my NO WAY. I cannot handle another body to clean up after and feed. Such a cute picture, too!