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Monday, November 26, 2007

Second Week in NZ

Well we should have the camera chord by the weekend so we'll post some pic's.
The Thanksgiving dinner went really well. A turkey was going to cost $50 and Dru and I couldn't afford that so we did two chickens instead. I was in charge of the dinner and it turned out pretty well. I was actually pleasantly surprized. I think Dru was too. We had chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin, corn, candied yams, rolls, two different kinds of salads, gravy, trifle, chocolate cake, ice cream. I think that was it. The chicken was good. My first time roasting. Dru seemed to really like it and my family had a blast cause it was a good excuse for a get together and feed. The girls sat and talked about girl stuff and the boys sat at the table and played risk. Dru ended up winning so that's something to be thankful for right?!
We went to Auckland this weekend to go to my mate, Stella's, wedding. It was a t a beautiful restaurant with great food and the reception was wonderful. We stayed with my other mate Kat and got to know her fiance a little better. He's a great guy and Kat still hasn't given us a date yet.
We still haven't got a calling in the ward yet. I'm pleasantly surprized. It's nice not having anything you know.
Masaru went to kindy again today and loved it. They have everything you can think of there. I've never see anything like it. It's an amazing place. No wonder he loves it. There's a sprinkler for the kids to get wet under and a huge sand pit with all the toys you can think of and sails so they don't get sunburnt. Swings, slides, ride on cars and carts, obstacle course, painting and playdough, dress ups, books, all the art supplies you can think of, mat time wee little toilets for little kids to go potty, it's just amazing. It's $1.50 and hour until Masaru turns 3 and then it's free. So that's good.
We're loving being with our family. Masaru loves hanging out with his cousins. It's like a big party for him. He has been slightly more disobedient lately and I think it's because he has uncles and aunties and grandmas and cousins to get himwhat he wants, so I"m trying to keep ontop of that.
Yuki is just perfect, and doing well. She wore an american outfit to church on Sunday. Dru thought I was mad to put it on her but we got home safley with no injuries.
Dru's job is getting better and better with every day that goes past. I personally think this is good for him to learn how to do things differently. I'm sure it'll help out his skills and knowledge or at least give him more of an appreciation for what he had and how he could do it. If nothing else it gives him good stories.
The weather has been perfect and things are great. So far so good.
I'll write again next week and hopefully post some pic's.
Love you guys
The Dru Nakaya clan

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Brooke said...

Sounds like you had a good turkey day! I don't envy you in the heat of the summer. We are JUST starting to cool off here and I LOVE it. I think that it should be cold in November. Sounds like all is well. Can't wait to see pictures.