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Monday, November 26, 2007

Quiet Day

You probably heard but Thanksgiving for us was quiet and uneventful. Just us, Mas and Shauna, and Tosh and Grandma, ten in all. Grandma's hearing aid battery was dead and so it was apparent within 5 min. that she needed a new one or the day would be fraught with frustration. Mas ran out to a couple of stores to find one. Grandma thought that was crazy, but I think if he didn't we all would have been crazy. As it was, Grandma had her usual interesting things to say, much to everyone's interest or dismay. Johnson's went to Johnson's and so our kids were semi-bored until they returned. We benefited from a wonderful meal (thanks Shauna) and a pleasant time. Shauna attempted to elicit sentiments of gratitude from the boys, and Graham popped out a very genuine and unexpected, "I'm thankful for the world that Jesus made for us." Graham is just such a sweet kid.
The weekend for Ryan was filled with catch-up projects and honey do' getting some things ready for winter snowmobiling, odd and end mechanic projects, and putting up the Christmas lights. My time was spent preparing for tests, presentations (curse those group projects!!!!), more tests, and more presentations to fill up this last week or so of classes. Hopefully I will be finished with finals around the 11th, then on to more delightful things, like sleeping and relaxing occasionally and mostly just being with my family. Anyway, it's on to Christmas now, it's coming in a hurry!


Melissa said...

lol nice to hear.

Brooke said...

Sounds like it was a nice day. We too had a great day filled with way too much food. Enough for about 20, except there were only 9 of us. Good luck on your finals. Then you get to move on to the rush of Christmas.

I hope you were able to get a start on all your shopping. We(I) are almost done. I did a sub-for-santa for a victim of Bjorn's latest case. I finished on Saturday and wrapped it all up on Sunday. All I have to do now is deliver it. They should have a great Christmas!

When does the new semester start? It will be great to see you at Christmas. Can't wait for you to see and feel the baby. He's so big you won't even recognize him.

angie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck with the end of your classes!