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Monday, October 22, 2007

Yuki's Blessing Day

Well here are some pic's of the blessing yesterday. I think it went well and we're grateful for everyone coming, especially Brooke, Myles and Bjorn. I know you guys weren't planning on it, but it was great to see Myles and to be able to hang out one last time as a family until the next trip in June next year.
We had a great day and I think Yuki looked fabulous, thanks Auntie Kristin!!!!
We had it at the Relief Society Room and then the get together at Shauna's place. It was nice of Shauna to let us do it as I think she spent almost an hour cleaning up her house afterwards!!!!
Dru did a brilliant job with the blessing and it was nice to see Yuki surrounded by her family in the circle. She's blessed to have so many who are worthy of the Priesthood and who love her. Thanks everyone for making our day special!!!


Brooke said...

What great pictures. It was good to see you and to be part of her blessing. We will miss you at Christmas, but can't wait to see you in California in June next year. Good luck getting all your loose ends tied up.

angie said...

What lovely pictures. And how great that Brooke, Bjorn and Miles were able to see you before you head out! I'll bet Shauna and Mas just loved having you all together.

Kristin said...

Right on. BON VOYAGE!!!